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Guy Gottesfeld (2000), is a guitarist, composer, and producer originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. Recipient of a full tuition scholarship from Berklee College of Music, Guy has collaborated and worked with artists such as Julian Lage, Ellena Pinderghus, Alain Mallet, Matthew Stevens, Berta Rojas, Mordy Ferber, and Oz Noy, to name a few. 


In his music, Guy draws inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, inspired by his travels around the world, styles like flamenco music, Brazilian music, African music, blues, and jazz. Whether playing electric or classical guitar, Guy aims to deliver a transporting experience through his music where the listener is being evoked and challenged emotionally and spiritually and is being set on a journey.


In his latest composition "Origins", Guy collaborates with the mixed world ensemble (9 musicians), where he explores the palette of sounds at his disposal. Tom Orr (World Music Central magazine) writes - "Israeli Guitarist Guy Gottesfeld and the aptly-named Mixed World Ensemble shine brilliantly on “Origins,” an exquisitely layered piece with Middle Eastern inflections, hypnotic wordless vocals and first-rate musicianship all around. Dazzling stuff". 


Guy is currently living in Valencia, Spain, where he explores the Flamenco music and the Spanish tradition. 

Guy Gottesfeld: Berklee Two Track I Renewal
"Origins" - Guy Gottesfeld and the Mixed World ensemble
אהבה באדמה
Guy Gottesfeld Band - Flying away/Live from the Boston Commons
Guy Gottesfeld Band - Gan Eden (Paradise)/Live from the Boston Commons
Memoried Quartet - Oedipus on the run
Memoried Quartet - Roaming of the Bluejay
Guy Gottesfeld and Ian Coury - "Samba pro Rapha"/Live from the BPC
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